Too Little $$ To Do X? This Guy Did It With $0.00

It was about 2:00 am at night. The pizzas were finished long ago and we were sipping our last drinks while enjoying the most wonderful rooftop view on the whole Phuket island in Thailand.

Barry was proud to run this pizza place. Spinning around the oven with a cigarette in his hand, he sighed:

You know, I was living all around the world. The US, Europe, Australia, everywhere. Running this place is not easy. So many things to take care of. It’s tiring, but I’m happy. I love what I do. I have happy customers. I have a nice pussy to fuck. What else do I need..?

Suddenly, Mustafa, the owner of pizzeria drops by to have a drink with Barry. Since we are the last customers, we join their table. Mustafa is all into his phone, happily scrolling through pictures of daily cash reports from his businesses all around the island. It’s like Facebook for him. Relaxing after a long day with a drink and watching how his businesses perform. He mentions that he is now one of the richest men on the island.

I shoot a question with a stupid post-university curiosity:

“Did you do any market research before opening this pizzeria?”

He laughs hard at my question and says with confidence:

“Of course, no. Market research is for chicken hearts. We are lion hearts — we act with full heart and that is why we succeed.

He continues to tell us his story.

30 years ago, I was a young Iranian guy dreaming about emigration to Australia. When the opportunity came, I gave all my money and passport to people smugglers. They secretly transported me, put me in a hotel and told me to wait inside the room until they get all the papers sorted.

I waited for hours.

Nobody came. After 2 long days, my patience burst and I hopped outside to find some food. I looked around and I saw no English script anywhere. I ask a random guy on the street:

“Where I am?”

And he says: Thailand.


That was devastating. I was left alone, with no money, no passport and nothing to eat. So I literally started out from scratch.

My first business was laundry. Then I started with motorbike rent. Then, many other ventures followed. And now, this is who I am. I have a happy family with 4 children and I am one of the richest guys on this island.

Do you still complain that you have too little money to do X or Y? If you have at least $1 in your pocket — you have more than Mustafa had. Think again.

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