After Alexandria Shooting, Progressives Must Hold Their Own Accountable on Guns and Political…
Ladd Everitt

Do you understand that Hillary Clinton got 36% of the vote in Montana as opposed to our Progressive Democratic Governor who got 51%. Why is that, mainly because Hillary proposed during the primaries that the US should adopt Australian style gun confiscation. Firearms are part of our heritage here in Montana and polls show that there is very little difference between the percent of republicans that own firearms and that of Democrats. Any politician that proposes further gin control will lose. Most Montanans would support efforts to keep firearms out of the hands of mentally unstable people, the problem is that people like you then weigh in and talk about registration and confiscation, and that pushes people away from supporting the efforts. You live in an eastern state that is highly populated, Montana is a huge state with about 1 million people, we see things differently than you do. As big of a problem as firearms are nationwide here it is not seen that way. We have a bigger problem with drug abuse, primarily heroin and meth. Most of these drugs and the dealers come from large metropolitan areas, so before you tell us we need to control our guns, you need to do something about the drug culture and how it is hurting rural communities nation wide.

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