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Cable TV: Why You Should Cut the Cord

Cord cutting is the term used today for people who cancel their cable television service and leverage over the air digital broadcasts in order to receive local channels. Growing up, my family didn’t have cable as our home was in a remote area in the country — not until I was maybe ten years old did we get our first taste of exploring vast options of TV entertainment. Fast forward twenty years or so and I found myself with a family, in my home, with new streaming media services, and expanding broadband capabilities. That’s when I first decided to cut the cord and I’d like to share with you why I think you should too.

Time Savings

Every one of us wishes we had more time. Time to do the projects that we keep putting off. More time perhaps for our hobbies, music, or education. We’re on our phones and tablets constantly, for many of us it’s hard to walk away from the office or home office. Then at night we often take to the couch or our favorite chair to watch TV (or keep playing on our devices). I’m here to say — break the cycle. Pay closer attention to your health, your habits, and your dreams. There is no better time to focus on a new business, support your partner or spouse on an activity they are driving, enroll in an online course, or start something you always wanted to but couldn’t find the time. The truth is you will never find the time — you have to make the time.

Cost Savings

Dropping to consuming only broadband service can be quite a savings. In my example we saved $50 monthly. That savings will lower slightly depending on how many streaming services you add. Let’s look at an example below:

Current HD cable bill with internet and no DVR service — $125
After dropping television service and returning hardware — $70
Savings = $55/month

We did not take into account any existing expenses you may already have for Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Hulu, etc. So, take your current cable/internet/phone monthly bill and then add the cost(s) of your existing streaming services. Now what is it at? $160? Maybe higher…

“Cord cutting means no contracts and paying only for what you want.” — Channel Master

Point being — you are likely paying way too much for monthly access to a number of shows, movies, programs, and news that you don’t watch. Cut the cord, install an over the air digital antenna and ensure you can at least receive ABC, CBS, FOX, PBS, and CW all in HD. Then, determine what shows you can’t live without and find out which online service offers them either for sale or via live stream.

For instance, check out — integrated with both Channel Master and Roku products, this service will fill in the gaps that you really miss with live cable broadcasts and it’s only $20 monthly. Maybe you love baseball but didn’t subscribe to MLB.TV in the past or the WWE Network due to the added expense. Well, now you can and not feel bad about it. In the end you may or may not be saving a ton of dough but what you are doing is supporting the new medium on television service. You’re a hipster now so bask in the glory.

Consumption Model

By not subscribing to traditional cable and paying for a la cart streaming services you are demonstrating the importance of choice and service selection. You are telling the entertainment industry what you want and what you’re willing to pay for. If you’re not yet doing so, leverage modern streaming and subscription services in order to provide television entertainment that’s right for you and drop the cable subscription. Note that not all antennas have to be installed outside of your home in order to be successful. In my case (DIY) — I removed an old satellite dish and replaced it with an antenna for around $60. That cost included the new ground wire I had to run as well as a few new connectors. The upfront cost when switching to an antenna can be very low and well worth it. You can likely plan on seeing a ROI in 1–2 months.

Good Luck! Do your research before and MAKE SURE your home is within a close distance to the broadcast towers. Use sites like and to see if cutting cable makes sense for your location. If your area is in range to easily view the below big media broadcasters — go for it!

Have you cut the cord? Please share the services you have discovered as well as what your antenna of choice is. Like what you’re reading? Please click the clap button below as it helps to share the story with other Medium members. Thank you for reading!

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