Perri 1.2 Update

Perri 1.2 has a number of useful improvements, mainly focusing on iPad.

The first improvement is the new Landscape UI for iPad. The new UI splits the original design in two, your total and ability to add a new payment on the left and the list of your payments on the right. This takes full advantage of the wider screen space by providing more information on the screen rather than just increasing the size of the original design.

This new landscape UI also leads to the next improvement in version 1.2, Smart Keyboard support. Both the new 9.7-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro’s use the new Apple Smart Connector. This also introduces the new Smart Keyboard to improve typing on the iPad. Allowing the UI to rotate into the new landscape mode allows users with the Smart Keyboard, or any other bluetooth keyboard, to use the iPad without having to detach it.

The Smart Keyboard for the iPad Pro also includes the Command key that we all know and love from the Mac. Perri 1.2 takes full advantage of this new Command key to help you speed up your money management with the plan to add even more shortcuts over time.

The new features do not subtract from the ease and simplicity that Perri provides for money management at the same time as being crammed full of useful features!

You can download the App Store here:

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