The ‘Unsubscribe’ experience needs to be improved
Mark Jenkins

For me, the issue lies less in improving the ‘unsubscribe’ experience (though, that we must certainly do!) and more in enlightening companies to the damaging impact, unsolicited or otherwise, repeated mailing can have to their reputation. Especially, when they then attempt to make it difficult to opt-out. That’s just plain dirty, and clearly won’t win favour with anybody, least of all those who engaged with your brand on the most passing level.

Moreover, too many mailshots, to me at least, feel throw-away — like the majority of advertisements. Loathsome, banal and disingenuous attempts to snatch a fraction of our diminishing attention-spans and spur us into action. It also comes across as pretty conceited to believe that anybody would be so enamoured with your brand that they’d be champing at the bit to hear about the merest update, development or latest product.

So, in addition to addressing the lacklustre unsubscribe experience, I’d say many brands should work on improving the mailshots themselves from a quality and value perspective, and how they best enhance the customer experience. Maybe then people would be less inclined to unsubscribe?

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