Our Pokémon Go user experience fixes

Great article. All of those things I agree with.

I’d add to this the emerging issue that as you level up, and build up your Pokedex more fully, the game arguably becomes less interesting. In fact after a while, say level 20–25, levelling up becomes unnecessarily difficult and mostly pointless (what do I really achieve by levelling up?).

This is where gym battles could really come into their own. Instead of the current exercise in arbitrary and mostly skill-less iPhone tapping to win, which is ultimately decided by the overall CP level anyway, perhaps introduce a turn-based dynamic? Allow different sequences of special moves that must be skilfully employed to outwit your opponent to add a layer of excitement and competition. Supercell’s Clash Royale does this perfectly.

Pokemon GO has so much underutilized potential, it’s frustrating. Let’s hope Niantic ‘raise their game’ so to speak and address some of these glaring opportunities.