I still believe I can do it and you should too

Tom Cridland
Sep 23 · 3 min read

Someone recently told me that they disliked today’s “snowflake generation” mentality. It made me feel somewhat self indulgent because over the past two years, in finding greater mental health and sobriety, I have talked about my feelings more than I used to.

In almost every single context I could imagine, I have found that there are always people who genuinely believe that life presents us all with extremely limited options. Some of these people are in positions of power — teachers, parents, elders — and are meant to be role models for young people. This is very dangerous and results in people never finding the courage to pursue what it is that makes them happy. It is logical that, considering we reportedly spend 80% of our lives working, we would stand a higher chance of success if we devoted ourselves professionally to something that we find engaging and enjoyable. When this is the case, we are able to devote ourselves to our work and genuinely try our hardest and go the extra mile. Initiative is almost always sorely lacking amongst people who are clock watching at work, waiting for the day to end so that they can go home and indulge in pleasures that result in physical and mental health problems, such as eating unhealthy food and drinking alcohol. Too often it seems that young people have been taught the adage “a job is a job”.

My earlier point about mental health relates to this in this sense that all many people need to put them off even trying to do what they really want to is a handful of misinformed Jeremiahs belittling their dreams. For example, if you wanted to become a painter but had little experience in painting, a Jeremiah might ask you things like “What do you know about painting?” and “Do you know how difficult it is to make money as an artist?”. Worse still, if you had tried following this path but were initially struggling, they might say, “You’ve given it a try, you should probably give up now”. These Jeremiahs have a graver effect on people’s mental health than they will ever realise. They are the reason so many people end up giving up their life dreams and settling for work that depresses them.

Society’s evolution to a point where we can all be less inhibited and talk about the way we feel is a good thing. Calling people who are candid and speak from the heart the “snowflake generation” is not particularly constructive. We only get one life and, thanks to technological development, we all now, more than ever, have the opportunity to educate ourselves in pretty much any field for free. Anyone reading this who is dissatisfied with their life, please know that it is not too late. All you need to do is be honest with yourself about the way you feel, to accept the fact that you only get one life and to resolve that you’re going to make the most of it, without letting what other people tell you to do or allowing negativity that’s based on nothing to cloud your intent. If your life dream was to become a painter, the chances are you’ll have thought about it far longer than anyone who might write you off and you’ll be far more knowledgable about whether it is the right decision for you than they will.

I’m currently on a mission to become the biggest pop star in the world. I’m writing all my own songs, releasing one single per week and touring the world to spread the word about my music. I’m prepared to get insulted and belittled, to have people tell me that I’m foolish to do what I actually want to, to work seven days a week with no pay and to ignore all the Jeremiahs. I’m lucky enough to be doing it with someone who I love more than any words could ever express. I’ve reached the point where I just want to make the most of my life and, if sharing my feelings on this subject makes me a member of the “snowflake generation”, I’ll happily own it. I hope reading this essay will inspire anyone who currently isn’t doing what they want due to a lack of self belief. I still believe I can do it and you should too.

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Tom Cridland

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