43 More Executive Orders From Stephen Miller That Shall Not Be Questioned
Allan Ishac

So, this is what leftists do when they die and begin to stink, intellectually speaking. Seriously, you will never get the time back you wasted on this.

I am beginning to wonder if the entire Left is clinically narcissistic and suffering from narcissistic injury because Trump hurts/violates your feelings about your self and the dogma you cling to.

The 100M ton ass (donkey-type) in the room is that there is no sign of self-examination by the left with only a very few in the Democrat party even talking about revamping the party, platform and ideology that has lost them a huge number of seats in state and federal government across the nation over the past 8 years or so.

Right now the Democrat party and the Leftism movement it’s pushing is committing suicide by thermonuclear level stupid.

Hint: You seriously need real change to bring the party back to America and away from “Fundamentally Transformed State of America”.

I sincerely want a functional two-party system — but I want two parties based on the Constitution, Declaration of Independence and Federalist Papers not to mention the basis of America itself and why our nation was founded: The primacy of Individual Liberty and freedom from government. We are the government and government does what we tell them to — not the other way around.

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