Conscious hiring

Before starting a business on my own, I tried looking for the goose with the golden eggs and ended up in several interview rooms. Usually things went rather traditionally. But there was that one time where I politely walked out of the door in the midst of a job interview. Two -simultaneous- interviewers had the need to know every little detail of my childhood. I told them that that part was off-limits and not relevant for the job interview. They insisted and kept on firing questions into my private space. I got up and left the job interview.

The next day I received a call from the company secretary: “Congratulations, you are selected for the next interview round and did very well. It was all part of a test.” At first, I didn’t even believe it was a test. But then I realised that it didn’t even matter anymore. I was disgusted by the company’s methods and could never make a cultural fit with these guys anyway.

I politely thanked the lady on the phone and told her these d*cks could sh*ve the next round up their… No, okay, I didn’t say that last part. But I politely thanked and never set foot in their Blue Tower Office in Brussels ever again.

You don’t need every detail to get to know someone. Show confidence and hire with your conscious when things line-up well and you have a good feeling about a candidate.

If you’re into HR, please read Liz Ryan’s reply in the article below. It made my day:

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