An abet of a Securitron into my apartment

At one point, I wanted to induce a layer of control into my life that hadn’t existed before. I searched online for hours trying to find the best possible lock. I came across plenty of different kinds but I wanted something with lots of wires and hooks on it to move around on its own and actually live in my apartment with me. This is how I found that there could be a Securitron.

My apartment, located in a older neighborhood of Controlled, was nonetheless quite small. There were only a few corners I could fit a large, self-aware hunk of metal and screens. I wanted to destroy part of the walls so it could move around unobstructed, but I was afraid to do that to my neighbors. Perhaps they were interested in how adept the Securitron could be for the general security of my apartment? I never stopped to ask and continued on with my purchase.

The big day came and the Securitron arrived in a giant box. The delivery guy left it on my doorstep and rang my bell. I ran downstairs and immediately tore open the box then and there. I saw that the Securitron was already switched on, moving around, obviously happy to be out of the box. Finally, after a long trip through many checkpoints and mail strata, it was ready to provide security for my apartment.

The hard part was getting it inside of my apartment. It was simply larger than anything I could’ve expected. So, I decided to completely destroy my front door. The walls were easy to bust through with the hammers I had bought at some point earlier. At one point, I threw myself into the exposed plaster and was able to detach a bunch of wood that was in the way. Finally, the Securitron was able to glide past me and into my bedroom, where it now is.

After a few months of thinking and pondering whether I should abet a Securitron to come into my apartment, I’ve found that I made the correct decision initially to do it and should’ve started earlier. My Securitron has successfully controlled all aspects of my apartment security, and the results have been absolute.

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