What Everyone’s Talking About Since the Grateful Dead’s Final Farewell
Leora Katz

Remember there were probably more of us listening via various media than were there, and many more who did not have the time or money to listen but who are still part of the community. Every set over the five shows reminded us of periods and moods where we connected with the Dead. But the final four songs were special. As I noted in a Facebook posting, Not Fade Away, with Deadheads singing and the band quietly leaving, turned the music over to the community, reminding us that Dead music has always been a co-production of the band and us. “Days Between,” is a haunting reminder of the long and difficult paths we have walked together and alone, preparing us for the affirmation of “Not Fade Away.” The two encores carried the message forward. “Touch of Gray” is a rollicking song of hope and perseverance in the face of adversity. It’s helped many of us through difficult times. The final encore, “Attics of My Life,” is a tender remembrance of the connection we have through the music and our dreams.

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