Excerpt From: Donald Trump & Angelo Siciliano “Dynamic Tension” for the 21st Century


Dynamic Tension in the West Wing

“Dynamic Tension”: used as a definer of the progress of a 21st Century President of the United States. As President-elect Donald Trump cobbles together the foundation of his tenancy as the 45th Chief Executive of America: The Trump Presidential Cabinet.

From every indication, the Trump White House will be comprised of a cadre of close advisors. Some of who would appear to hold views on matters that, in the balance, could bode for internal, conflicting energies vis-à-vis eventual Presidential policy direction.

Were the precepts of Atlas’ advice for acquiring the physical benefits of Dynamic Tension to be applied to the corporate development of this eclectic crew. Trump, the unlikely candidate, the halting party adherent, the enigmatic advocate of seemingly disparate views and proclamations himself; could well have assembled the beginnings of a potentially muscular cabinet.

The question might well be: if the President can personally control the energy of his own counsellors. Wouldn’t it seem that with proper attention and diligent “exercise” of the assets at-hand assembled, the natural tensions of the individual forces therein might make for an exceeding puissant agglomeration of formidable talent and effective policy for the titular head of this important Presidential, quasi-governmental body?

Mr. President. Mr. Trump.

After all, the weight of the World is on his back. Godspeed.


Posted 7th January by DILULIUS, King of Troy

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