“Ivanka” Trump



Paid Family Leave


Proposition Five:

Cultural Imperative

Most people don’t know the name of the “First Daughter”. She is an entrepreneur, the mother of the “First Grandchildren”, the wife of a trusted co-advisor to the President of the United States, a fixture at international and diplomatic events; a cultural crutch for a beleaguered national chief executive and; an all-around news magnet.

The woman who was born Ivana Marie Trump might some day actually petition a court for the purpose of gaining legal right to the name that is alternatively termed for popular consumption: Ivancka and Ivanka. The alternative names are but diminutive forms of the woman’s real name: Ivana.

Though most American citizens have not and will never see any form of official identification. It is entirely possible that even her White House credentials offer a name other than her legal appellation: Ivana.

Is it possible that someone whose, name few Americans actually are aware of. Can effectively hold sway in the West Wing of the citizens White House?

In the interests of “full disclosure”: don’t we who she presumes to advise deserve to know even the real name of the person from whom the advice comes? Tell us everything or keep your counsel. From us, and the Presidential father.

Ivancka, Ivanka, nee Ivana presumes to dispense many forms of advice. In the case of “paid family leave”.

It amounts to. Advice to: those in the world who have little, from someone who has the World.

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