Full moon melted slowly

In to harsh winter’s horizon.

It was New Years Day.

Signaled it did; setting lowly

Another new ‘wakening.

By some distant Sun’s ray

From millennia more distant

Than years could measure.

Luna’s glow cold and clear…

Still it was: for that brief moment.

Moon shadows drifted down

Ground-ward: frozen. Winter sere.

“First light” (much later) dawned

From some other clime.

It brought another “new” morning

New rhythm: “new year”, it spawned

This time different; yet same, as

“Time”: Man’s invention was yawning

At the sheer boredom of all of that.

Imagine: the purest continuum

Carved into a measured minute.

The nerve of “Man” to grasp at

Space …trying it to tether

With His slight thoughts within it…


Posted 5 minutes ago by DILULIUS, King of Troy