Your Resistance Brain Stops You From Being Awesome (And How to Fight Back)
Thomas Oppong

Thank you Thomas. May I suggest a little something…

Abortion, “Alternative Lifestyle”, Jerry Seinfeld — A Hypothalamic Hypothetical

That Which Motivates

Hardwiring the Head



-The Premise-

Somewhere. Somewhere within the seed that rests in the seed, which, is the greater “husk” that is: the head. Resides the essence of the primordial. 
 There. In the incipient organ that would eventually become the human brain there was, and still exists: an energy. A base energy that, even with the many subsequent iterations of the superior, hominid brain: still exists. 
 There, in a separate seed. Deep. Near the base of the skull, rests an undeniable energy. 
 That has been and still is. The sine qua non of life, as we know it. Our: pre-historic brain. Still functions.

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