“The Fearless Girl”




‘Take Me Away!’


Her Work On Wall Street Done…

Where Next For the Petite

“Patina Ballerina”



The Kick of a Bronze Donkey

In a world so fraught with turmoil and strife it seems a waste to continue the cute overplay of the Big Apple’s latest obsession-du-jour for much longer. By admission of most, the overweight (250#), diminutive, die-cast (or, lost-wax a laBenvenuto Cellini), Kristen Visbal creation has more than successfully faced down the sneering bull.

The Bull. Heretofore widely viewed as the triumphant reincarnation of a nation having fallen hard before the ravages of the 1987 Black Monday crash. Not the more convenient and recent: menacing, snorting, threat to a woman’s place in business.


Arturo’s Art

Arturo Di Modica’s brilliant image of ferocity in the shadow of adversity has changed little in the years while it dominates the storied Gotham intersection. Times change, though.

Imaginations ease. Or tense. Circumstances alter. All the while a steaming, mixed ore’s issue resists. The Bull…

The 28 year-old, bull-phoenix, now cast as aggressive villain, is only so. In light of the instant, elfin presence of its slight and defiant Financial District, bronze median-mate. Threatening the image of a resilient resurgence from a late1980’s financial adversity is: the “girl”.

An inference drawn from the two-statue, bronzed juxtaposition is endorsement of the defiance of ordinary “girls”. Considered too, in and of itself, might be the return to popularity of the recently reviled but most often friendly moniker: “girl”.


In Metallic Testimony



Without disrespect and inclined to reflect amicable deference it might well be generally considered again a compliment to refer to a woman or a lady, as: “girl”. “The Fearless Girl” has helped…

Stand “fearless” like the girl. Stand cold and unflappable like the girl. Stand down the real and imagined horned bulls of the world…like the “girl”.

The famed bronze bull has assumed a new and ornery persona in light of its late-arrived counterpart. But…

The Bull tamed. The unfounded fear of using the term “girl” for fear…has been tamed.


More “Girls”

To The Rescue

The bullish threats at Bowling Green Park quelled. The balance of the troubled world yearns for similar results in even more really fractured venues.

The Patina Ballerina should be a mobile device. Albeit: in the traditional sense.

The effect of the presence of the statue should be more widespread. The: venues chosen with an interest in creating similar reactions, with even greater results.

Why not The White House? Why not Congress? Why not The Hague? Why not Jerusalem? Why not Moscow Kremlin? Or Mogadishu? Or Pyongyang?


State Street Global Advisors

Steeled For the Task


Going global with the girl is a must. Will the shine wear off the project? Or will the imagery of an impossible real life phenomenon continue to inspire an entire globe full of hopefulness? The key to a worldwide moment is being held by: ‘Global Advisors’.

Do it!



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