Trump: Parsing a Presidency

-Is This-

- Denouement Or Apocalypse-





a thing devoutly to be wished


“-’tis a thing devoutly to be wished.”

-Wm. Shakespeare Hamlet


Notwithstanding the probable “interference” by Russian state-operatives in the 2016 national election; notwithstanding the fact that Hillary Clinton apparently prevailed in the popular vote in her quest for the office of the President of the United States in that election, and notwithstanding the victory of the Trump candidacy in the arena of the United States Electoral College: democracy has prevailed. With that, it might be successfully suggested that, in a representative form of government, which is the American form of democracy; those who have been elected: most closely approximate the individuals who wanted them elected.

It might then be admitted that the election of Donald Trump to the presidency was and is a clear confirmation that the representative form of democracy has insured that the mindset of the elector is best represented in the candidate elected. Moreover, though no person is perfect; no representative of that person can be perfect. Thus it might be posited, that the nearest form to perfection in regard to governmental rule is that, which takes the form of representative democracy.

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