For instance, in the Facebook Ads world, we could state a goal of making a lot of revenue for Facebook, and that’s certainly a side benefit of the work we do. But ultimately, the kind of mission-oriented people who come to work at Facebook are not primarily motivated by that kind of goal. Instead, we talk about how our products can create jobs and economic prosperity all around the world, and how that directly helps make the world more open and connected, which is our overall mission. It’s a true narrative, and one that inspires bold and passionate commitment.
How to jump-start recruiting in hard-to-staff contexts
Margaret Gould Stewart

The rest of this article is really good but this bit is really frustrating. Making a lot of revenue is blatantly Facebook Ads’ primary goal and to pretend otherwise via some tenuous, lofty “make the world better” narrative just feels dishonest and manipulative.

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