In 2006 I sat in a cafe in Recoleta, Buenos Aires and watched the world go by.

Chanel sunglasses walked alongside Ralph Lauren Polo shirts. The sun shone on well-groomed poodles following Armarni jeans into high-end shops.

Yesterday I sat in a cafe on Redchurch Street, Shoreditch. Outside the world went by.

Ray-Ban sunglasses walked alongside Superdry polo shirts. The sun shone on well-groomed sausage dogs following Diesel jeans into boutique shops.

Between 1999 and 2002 Argentina's economy fell off a cliff. The government defaulted on its national debt. The size of the economy fell by more than a quarter…

There are three primary reasons why we find ourselves witnessing the tentative conception of a new political party.

Firstly, both the Labour and Conservative parties find themselves dominated by political views which sit outside their traditional mainstream. Secondly, and crucially, in both parties those newly dominant political traditions have proved to be intolerant of the diverse viewpoints that have historically nested together. …

Once again, a result the country didn’t expect.

The headlines of what happened on Thursday are easy to discern.

Firstly, the country rejected Theresa May’s vision of a low-tax, small-state Hard Brexit Britain.

Secondly, Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party saw its share of the vote rise by more than ten percentage points on the result of May 2015, just two years ago. This is a remarkable result, defying the expectations of the press, the pundits, and many of the the leadership’s own supporters.

Beyond that, what just happened and what it means is murky, and lies behind the headlines.

Before working…

Why do I think we should not leave the European Union?

Here I’ve set out why I believe we should stay in the EU. I realise that not all of those reasons may be ones that persuade you but I hope there’s one or more in there that convinces you we should stay in.

If you still don’t believe that there are enough positive benefits of the EU, then you need to come to a view on “what do we gain or lose if we leave?”

We can be clear about the benefits — and disadvantages — of currently being…

Why do I think we should stay in the European Union?

This is long. But how the EU affects us now, and what the impact of leaving it would be, is complicated — and anyone who tells you it isn’t is lying to you. They’re also lying if they tell you they know what’s going to happen if we leave because, to state the obvious, no one knows what will happen if we leave the EU — because it hasn’t happened yet and there is no way of knowing exactly what will happen if we do.

Therefore, I think our…

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Tom Ebbutt

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