Always start small

Tomek Wałkuski
Aug 29, 2017 · 1 min read

Yesterday I’ve launched Remote part-time jobs. It took me less than one hour to build the landing page, and two more to buy the domain, configure Google Analytics, TinyLetter (thank you MailChimp for such a wonderful tool!) to accept e-mails from both employees and employers interested in the service.

Then, I’ve decided to advertise the website on Reddit, Hacker News, and, of course, on Medium. And twenty-four hours later — I’ve got more than 120 subscriptions! Woohoo!!! The number may seem small, but for me, it means a lot!

The only thing that worries me the demand for such job type exceeds the supply a hundredfold. Time will tell. Now, I want to focus on building the audience, on increasing the employees pool. Pitching potential companies interested to hire remote part-time talent will come next!

Keep fingers crossed!

Tomek Wałkuski

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