Big Loop Ride @Australia


To highlight the forgotten value of silence, in own company, as many people can no longer enjoy self, away from the rabble of the crowd and the screen.


To ride a motorcycle, solo, right around the Continent, including Alice Springs and Uluru.



40 / 50 days, 20000kms, tent-camping, no support-crew.


To face and fully experience the vastness/openness/loneliness — with self.


Modern Society’ adults and adolescents, with their relentless need of “busy” company of others and the dislike of own-self in the silence of nature’s space and serenity.

Realising similar rides have been done, many times before (I’ve read the blogs, books, watched the videos, most on big/unlimited $ budgets…, know people who have done it, etc), as an experienced, long-distance and commuter motorcyclist, I am putting a new spin on it, by contemplating the human nature in the setting described above…

This ride has been in the planning for six years, following several ridden up, down and across both islands of New Zealand that I have done, mainly in groups, over the last decade.

I was inspired by a friend, Mike Hyde, who described his own experiences in three “Twisting Throttle” books, after he rode around New Zealand, Australia and America.

I have ridden with Mike on his “shorter” rides, “Twisting Throttle 2000” (kms/48 hours), crossing from the East to the West coasts and back, in the deep south of New Zealand.

Sadly, Mike passed away, peacefully, in August ‘2015, following a short illness…

As we are constantly surrounded by the noise of the crowd and the screens of our devices, many can not handle a moment alone, in silence… That awkward minute with a stranger in the elevator, or a pause in a conversation with a newly met acquaintance.

If we don’t like ourselves, how can we be a “good company” to others..?

Different Personality Types will influence this phenomenon: Sanguine, Phlegmatic, Choleric, and Melancholic…

In my previous Life, I used to know a person who could not stand to be alone for any more than an hour, in a desperate need of the buzz of people around…

This appears to be a widespread behaviour, nowadays.

As for the relevance of it all, well…

The sky and the Internet are the “limit” since I am addressing issues affecting today’s Society, globally.

Seeking sponsorship for this undertaking, now.

“Soliciting, not loitering”…

Budget: $10000 (Details below).

Not looking free handouts or charity, but proposing to deliver value, by the way of focused and deliberate observation, blogging / writing, photography, filming, advertising, etc., in return.

My potential sponsor will have a great (-er) following than me and benefit from my experiment and reporting, with the value it will deliver to their stakeholders.

I now have the time, the expertise, the vision and the passion for delivering this Project.

Your generosity and support are greatly appreciated.

Thank you, in advance!

With Peace;


Tomek is a father of seven, a grandfather of two, an in-depth Observer of Human Nature, a keen Automotive enthusiast, Motorcyclist, Globetrotter and an Adventurer. A Minimalist, who is rich in experiences — not possessions. “Unbusy”.

(Have teeth..! Not showing..!)

How The Funds Will Be Used:

Big Loop Ride @Australia budget estimate, June’2017:

Bike Service x 2:
Tyres (2sets):
Road Trip Expenses, Discretionaries, etc.
Camp gear:
 — — — — 
 A$: 10000

Calculations based on:

Distance: 20000kms.
Duration: 40 days.
Fuel consumption: @5lts/100 kms.
Fuel price @ $1.50/ltr.
Two Bike services @ $500/ea.
Two sets of tyres @ $750/set.

The Challenges:


The elements…

The unknown…


AU$25 +Read and share interest.

Thank you for sharing your interest. You can be assured an in-depth read on the Topic of this Voyage!

AU$50 +Acknowledgement and Recognition of your support.

Shouts of your name/brand/messages, etc., in posts/blogs/articles posted online, throughout the Journey.

AU$100 +Passing on your message, visiting your people en route.

Experience type rewards, based on the theme of the Journey, connected with your product, service, or interest. I will visit and talk to anyone you nominate, along the route, empowering them and passing on a message from you. NOTE: subject to safe accessibility and reasonable location, along the sealed roads.

AU$1000 +One Kay…Open to your suggestions…

AU$2000 +A small piece of Australia, posted to you!I will collect and post to you ONE little rock, or a twig, or a seashell, or a sprinkle of our famous Australian red sand dust, within reasonable size/weight and subject to any legal, moral, International Postage, Customs, Agricultural, Quarantine regulations, anywhere in the World, for you to keep!

AU$10000 +All yours…Full and exclusive exposure of your brand’ name, service, or product, in all posts, throughout the Journey.