Time has finally come, and I decided to give a new look to my brother’s Surfboard. I’ve never painted a surfboard before in my life, so this was new for me too. Today I’m going to write about it — step by step.

This was not just a painting project. It was a project thought from scratch, starting with the design of different ideas — on paper.

After some considerations, I also decided to make the final design on my computer with Paint.net with some layers. It gave me more control regarding colors, and geometrical forms. …

Before I start writing about my findings on the Prey Anti-Theft app, please note that I quoted “bug” on purpose. What you are about to see can be considered just an issue due to Android configurations/limitations, rather a Bug. However, it is worth talking about it as this can expose your mobile phone to Thiefs. And because I enjoy making the world a safer place.

Now let’s juice it! When it comes to privacy and security topics, I’m in! This also includes making for example my mobile phone secure and safe. Nowadays, almost everyone has important informations on their mobile…

Photo by Dayne Topkin on Unsplash

Ultimamente só se fala em privacidade (ou falta dela), proteção de dados (GDPR), brechas de segurança, etc… Mas o que fazemos para preservar a nossa privacidade individual e prevenir situações de risco? Maior parte das vezes, nada.

Hoje vou explicar como podem (e devem), contribuir para uma maior privacidade pessoal e conjunta, usando uma ferramenta tão simples como um motor de buscas.

Antes de avançar, quero começar com uma “regra” simples de privacidade:

Se não querem determinados dados pessoais vossos “à solta”, não os partilhem! Não os publiquem. Não os divulguem em plataformas online.

Oiço muitas afirmações e ideias semelhantes…

Tomé Mendes

I'm just another qwerty composer…

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