MyGlass Web Dashboard Updated with Glassware Tab

Google Getting Ready for Glass App Store?

I noticed today that the MyGlass dashboard on web was updated with a new tab “Glassware”

This new tab has two sections: Featured and All.

There are currently 17 apps in total within the “All” area. 10 apps are currently displayed in the “Featured” area. All of the apps on this tab are those that are approved by Google. Many have been available since the launch of Glass like Gmail, G+, Evernote and Path.

Earlier this month Google unveiled a new submission process for Glassware to be reviewed and approved as official apps for the device. KitchMe, Mashable and SportsYapper were added shortly after that and it looks like this list is now (slowly) growing.

You are still able to go into the MyGlass tab to see all of the unofficial and official Glassware apps you have authorized for your device.

With all of the changes going on with Google Glass — the referral program, the hardware swap featuring a mono-earbud and new frames and lens attachments and recent reports of a Google Accessory Shop — could this new tab signify the start of a Google Glass app store?

This would be one of the final pieces to get Glass ready for market. It definitely looks like Google is getting ready to launch Glass soon!