Oracles of The Present- Chap.5

You don’t choose to become an oracle. You become one, the moment you are touched by one. It isn’t fair, but I guess no one even botheres to ask what is fair any more.
The talking old man came closer and closer, and I couldn’t move from my place on the barn’s wall. To my left, I could see Emily and Liz start waking up. 
“We are not oracles.” I tried my luck, and shouted towards our prisoner. “They brought us here!”
I watched our prisoner. He had short white hair, and wore yellow robs with longs sleeves and a red hood. 
“I can see you don’t understand your situation yet, oracle.” He said, his green eyes stared at me, “No one asked for your opinion on the matter. It’s all ready chosen.”
“What the heck is he talking about, Brad?” I heard Emily muttering. 
“I have no idea.”
I stared at him, wishing I could kill him. I felt my body shaking, and saw our power weakening slowly from all bodies. Liz couldn’t handle it for long, I was certain about it. 
“We didn’t choose to come here! We just want home!” Lize shouted. She tried to move forward, but it didn’t help much. She returned her place, breathing hard. Next to her, Jason started waking up.
“Ho, the last one. Finally!” The man walked walked to Jason, and stopped in front of him. He smiled at him, amused, and slapped him. “Took you long, didn’t you?” he asked and turned his face to us. “No, you didn’t want to come here. The others oracles brought you here, and we are not going to let them use for their intentions.” 
We looked at each other. 
“What are you going to do?” Emily asked. The man proved his cruelty once again.
“We are going to split you, obviously. We don’t want the oracles to find you so easily. Come take them, boys!” He shouted, four guys entered the barn. I had to see them release Jason, Liz and eventually, Emily from their place, and then taking them away while laughing without marcy at my struggeling friends. They went out with screams, and all I could do was watching my prisoner with rage in my eyes. My body didn’t stop shaking, and I was so tired. “I am going to release you, you poor boy. Just don’t think of escaping.” 
I fell from my place, and I raised my eyes. I wasn’t an oracle, but I knew one thing for sure: I would kill him with my bare hands.

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