Oracles of The Present- Chap.1

It was Christmas 2005, when my parents decided to divorce. Yes, what a holiday spirite. They had been fighting, yelling and at times not even talking, and this evening was the straw that broke the camel ‘ s back. I was only seven, and I had to watch them from beyond the stairs, while listening them shouting at each other in the living room. 
“Do you even care?” shouted my mom, moving her hands around. “I can’t be the only one to take care of Brad. I can’t be the only one willing to go with him to trips or vacations. Have you even talked with him lately?” Her pale blue eyes stared at him, while breathing heavily. My dad stood still and looked at her in shock. He was so pale and emberessed. He had no way of denying it. “Buying him the present does not considered doing your damn job. Thinking I forget about it because you take me to job will not work. I need you.” my mom’s voice lowered almost to a whisper. In the meantime, I kept staring at them, horrified. What was I supposed to do? I never got the guide to arguing parents. Was I supposed to go down, cheery and with a smile on my face? 
Life, apparently, had their own plan. My dad noticed me, and after a moment of shock, he approached me and waved at me. 
“Come on, don’t worry. Everything will be fine. You- you just expect your present. You will love it!” he claimed.
Years later, and the memory still was stuck in my head. He was right. I loved the helicopter he had bought me. I played with him for years, until he broke down one day. However, I hated the way mom left the apartment in the end of the evening, and eventualy, how she became a voide in my life. Who I had but my dad? What other option I had, but going after him in such an insain circumstances!?
“Boy.” I suddenly heard someone talking to me quietly. “Come on boy, get out of your head.” demented the person next to me, and I tilted my head. Next to me sat one of the captives, a pale skinned and a red hair woman, her hands crossed on her black jeans. 
“He?” I asked, confused. None of us said much in those last two days. The ship kept on sailing, and we had no idea what was happening. The only things we did were walking around this lower floor, while cursing those idiots who kidnapped us, and eventualy, wished for the next time they would give us food and water. There was an exposed cell with a toilet to the left of us, which wasn’t such a treat for using. 
“I need someone to talk to.” She explained loudly, while staring me with her pale green eyes. “I am bored, angry and my boyfriend is in New York.” she stopped for a moment, “Can you talk?” she demented to know. I swalloed, while glaring at her. What was the right answer?
“well, yes.” I answered, “Name?” I asked. She rolled her eyes, patientless. 
“Emily. What does it matter?” she stood up, and I did the same. After a moment, she asked, “How did you get here?” 
That was a beginning as well, I assumed. 
“I was in my room, when those freaks started crying and shouting weird phrases outside the building.” I started explaining. “My dad… He and some neighbors went outside, said they are ‘taking care of it’. I didn’t like it…”
Emily waved her hand at me, and I looked at her in wonder. 
“Let me guess,” she said, “You realised he hasn’t returned, went outside and suddenly they took you with them?”
“Well… Pretty much.” 
I checked out the other fifteen teens around me. They all sat down or stood quietly, with no hope in their eyes. There was only one who kept cursing the hooded orcales.
“Hi!” Emily waved at me, her thin eyebrows raised angrily, and I returned looking at her. “Talking, remember?” she demanded.
“Well, I don’t know.” I blushed, “To talk about what, exactly?” She meant to answer, when the door of the floor opened up and we saw one hooded orcale enters the room. He checked us for a moment as if we were a baffet, when suddenly he stood next to me and grabed my right arm tighly. Emily stared at me, her eyes opened up, and I couldn’t do a thing but trying to release my self from his tight grip. Moment later, I was outside the floor, on my way to the orcale’s pack. Well, that was a great talk.

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