Proof That Your Government Is Lying To You And The Media Is Helping Them
Caitlin Johnstone

To paraphrase “The Hunt for Red October”: your conclusions are all wrong. Yes, the media is frequently complicit in reinforcing a narrative in regards to war and combat: manufacturing “heroes”, demonizing “villains”, et cetera. To imply that this is a “collaboration” (and bonus rhetorical points for quoting Chomsky) is laughable.

The media will lap anything up and regurgitate it a way that gets the most viewers. They want access to officials, officials invite press and spin some nonsense narrative: rinse, repeat. This has been the relationship between the press and power since the beginning of time. Is every event in the history of the world a “collaboration”?

Plus, the everyday parlance of the word “media” is ambiguous at best, and a meaninglessly stupid provocative term at worst. Pray tell, what is the “media” these days? That’s what Chomsky couldn’t have predicted when he wrote “Manufacturing Consent” — internet and cable becoming the primary way of people consuming the news. You reference CNN a ton, but isn’t Twitter easily more influential these days? Double for Facebook? Is your post, and Medium as a whole, “media”?

But the main reason your post is nonsensical, and something that has clearly vexed national security analysts and political punditry alike: NO ONE KNOWS what we actually want to come out of Syria! It has spanned presidencies, and probably will continue over even more cabinets. It’s roots go back to the fall of Iraq, has numerous factions and sides…this might be the most convoluted clusterf*ck (in terms of desired outcome) that we have seen in decades.

Lastly, to say that the media is helping to bang the drumbeat of war is insane. Do you ever watch the local news? Or see a story about a kid in a well? That’s why we see video of poisoned children on the TV; it gets tons of traffic for TV. You make it seem as though these stories of Assad using Sarin gas JUST happened. Ummm…

There have been numerous docs showing this stuff since 2011. SIX YEARS? If the media is a collaborator they are doing a truly sh*tty job.

Yes, your government lies to you and uses the media to do it. Thanks for the latest issue of “The Sun is Hot” magazine.

PS Still like your writing, if not your conclusions. Looking forward to more.