Hey Thomas,
Patrick La Roque

No. it’s doesn’t seem to support compressed raf alright. I must contact them and see if I can get a response. I’ve avoided shooting compressed raw personally as I didn’t want to be locked into using lightroom and support seemed to be slow coming. I’m curious as to why support for compressed raf has been such an issue for developers. It’s not just capture one, but a lot of raw converters aren’t supporting it yet, including as I’m sure you’re aware, Apple’s core image raw. The new ON1 raw doesn’t support it yet either and I’m pretty sure Affinity doesn’t. It is a bit weird that so many seem to have problems. Anyway, I can see that it is an issue for lots of people and I wish it would get sorted too.

I do think the quality in c1 10 is much improved though, especially for things like foliage and concrete where Lightroom and to a lesser extent the older versions of c1 can give you false detail and edge artifacts. I’m sure some people will disagree with me but anyway. It’s much faster too I think.

Or maybe my excitement has just got the better of me. :-)