Objectivity is dead, and I’m okay with it
Lewis Wallace

Lewis I first heard about your story through Democracy Now.

I have to say that as a scientist and mechanical engineer I am so cynical and jaded by the dumbed down level of civilization that I have little interest in the world that we live in. It is such a false construct of purchase and consume bull shit that very little of the dramatic current events that I watch are of interest to me for reasons beyond watching the Schopenhauer-like stupidity of the human condition.

I’d like to cut and paste the comments which I made on the DN FB page:

Basically take a lot of Lewis Wallace is saying here blah, blah, blah and insert the facts of the controlled demolition of the World Trade Centre buildings into his journal piece. Good luck everyone, I and many others have been struggling to communicate about the government’s falsification of that attack on America … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5PY_qM28rnA&t=99s

Here is another comment which I made:

Despite my like for DemocracyNow.org I’ve contacted them a number of times with appeals for them to report a story about the controlled demolition of the three world trade center buildings. They never responded to me. They’ve never responded to anyone on this particular story, the story that those buildings weren’t brought down by simple airplane impact and burning of jet fuel. No matter how interesting stories are on DN their all just churning around a vortex which is that even journalists at DN don’t have the courage to face so a patriotically charged story. I’m a scientist and engineer and along with many other people in the USA and around the world that we all gave up a key moment in history with be truthful and transparent with ourselves about the simple application of laws of classical physics to sober up and realize that those buildings didn’t come down for the reasons the USA government told us.

There are MANY other intelligent people which have not bought into the Disney Land Narratives which the government organizations made so appealing for everyone to digest. Unfortunately not enough of them have joined the chorus because they find their careers jeopardized by even speaking about this issue, after all it did happen over 15 years ago, so the thinking goes why bother with it, right? And for those who do try, like I am here to talk about it, the experience is usually to no avail.

I’m writing a book about this event and would be happy to let you know when it is out.

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