Why is the new Facebook the best thing which happened in UX/UI recently

The problem with a mass-used product, like a social network, is that people get used to outdated user experience, or non-consistent user interface, very easily—with no other option on the table, users use it so often, they just don't mind after some time. What it eventually does is that it cripples public perception of UX. Facebook always did a terrible job at this. Until now.

1. Consistent UI

One of the keys to great usability is consistent and unified UI. Facebook was always using multiple UI elements from different stages of development. One button was rounded, one was not, one field had this radius, the other had a different one, etc. No rules at all, no unified UI kit used.

It is obvious what is a field and what is a button, just using a corner radius. Other clickable elements like circle icons or filters are unified as well.
A quick look on Google and G Apps search fields — almost every part of the Google ecosystem is using a different one. Sometimes close, but still not consistent. Even the homepage and the search results fields are different, with the magnifier icon jumping from side to side.
CTA blue is not used in a systematic way.

2. Mobile-like experience

Why is everything sooo huge? A lot of users ask.

All menus and dropdowns are expanding where they suppose to, making it very clear to navigate.
Until when it is completely necessary, don't drive the user to a subpage — let him/her specify what he/she needs without going anywhere.

3. Forms done right

Your conversion rate often depends on forms. Most designers can't do it right and users get lost or leave the page. The new Facebook is using multiple principles of how modern UX of forms should look like.

Placeholders converted to labels, custom sizes, or hidden options. A modern form.

4. No distractions

If you ever want to make stuff done, focus on one thing at a time.

Focus mode on Facebook while creating a post and two essential options.
Even better with the Dark Mode on

5. Flawless responsive design

Just try it.

A flawless switcher between mobile and desktop preview.

All wrapped up, it's a job well done.

Tom Garcy

Besides doing branding, product design & UX for more than 12 years, spent the last 5 building products and innovations for corporations and startups. Awarded ex Creative Director at U+, Ex CEO of U+Design. User Experience and startup lecturer talked in Prague, New York, or San Francisco. This is Garcy founder and lifestyle blogger.

Stories about Design, User Experience, Productivity & Health. Founder of Thisisgarcy.com & Workoutdaily.cz

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