Why Erykah Badu’s Opinion Is Dangerous
Dominique Matti

“Wear what makes you feel beautiful. Wear what makes you feel safe. For your own comfort. For you. Men are responsible for their actions/attractions/nonsense. Not you.”

Yes. Go ahead and do this, with no regrets. But this reminds me of the infamous tombstone, “He had the right of way.” Sure, a woman should go ahead and dress as sexy as she wants, and yes, men are indeed responsible for their actions, and not you. But that doesn’t magically mean that bad things won’t happen to women. Just because it won’t be “your fault” doesn’t prevent it — any more than “I have the right of way, damn it!” doesn’t mean the other guy is going to stop. He will hit me, regardless, and no — it won’t be my fault.

But I will be just as dead.

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