The Struggle Continues… and I Am Not Okay
Jessica Crowe

I don’t think I’ve read a more delusional and silly post in my entire life. No, Bernie was never going into a contested convention. No, the person you backed was never going to win. You lost. Get over it.

Hillary beat Bernie by a large amount, millions of votes, hundreds of delegates. What did you expect? Were you really this blind to reality and to what was going on that you honestly believed Bernie would somehow win at the convention?

There wasn’t even a contested convention in 2008, and Obama beat Hillary by a small margin. This primary was a blow out and Hillary did the blowing out and Bernie got blown out.

No, you were never in the Matrix. You were in reality the entire time with your hands over your ears, your eyes squeezed shut, and while screaming “LA LA LA CAN’T HEAR YOU!” at the top of your lungs.

No, you did NOT witness the death of democracy because you didn’t get your way. People lose elections all the time, you’re no one special in that regard. The fact you’re repeating the same old discredited crap about election fraud and voter suppression shows how out of touch you still are.

Face it: you’re a pretty well-off, privileged white girl who was told “no” for the first real time in your life, and you’re willing to throw everyone under the bus to make that “no” look like a con or a cheat. You’re willing to disenfranchise millions of votes from black people, you’re willing to ignore when your campaign was poorly run, you’re willing to ignore the votes of almost 4 million people because you didn’t get your way.

You epitomize entitlement. You are the stain on democracy, and no one else is to blame.