The birther conspiracy theory you’re trying to downplay is one that was promoted by the president…
Aaron Huertas

There’s nothing particularly racist about birtherism. After all, as a counterblast against the claim that BHO was born in Kenya, various lefties pointed out that John McCain was born in the Panama Canal Zone. And they also cast doubt on Ted Cruz’s status. Pray tell, were those sallies racist?

Yes, you’re right that I lack sympathy for the concept of identity politics. The proclaimed end — justice — by no means justifies the means and, indeed, in this case the means cancel the end. To practice identity politics, i.e. to elevate the concept of group rights over individual rights, is to negate justice itself. But that has been the position of the Left for a generation now. And it doesn’t appear to me that it’s done officially designated mascot minority groups much good. Having lived in Chicago, IL, for a good number of years, I can testify to the racial polarization and mutual antagonism that identity politics produces.

“Systemic racism” and “institutional racism” are extremely convenient designations for race-baiting bottom feeders like Al Sharpton, whose incomes depend on promoting racial discord. Such rhetoric profits them greatly but does not prevent a single drive-by shooting in Baltimore or Chicago.

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