Impeachment Proceedings Against Donald Trump Could Begin as Early as Next January

This analysis has everything going for it, except the facts. There are three that seem worth pointing out:

(1) While it takes only a simple majority to pass a bill of impeachment in the House, conviction in the Senate requires a two-thirds majority (67 votes). Even if the Democrats regain control of the Senate, the chances of their majority being that large are nil.

(2) Impeachment is a political, not a legal, process. It can therefore be anticipated that any impeachment vote will fall along party lines. This would make plain the partisan motives behind the impeachment drive—to nullify the outcome of the 2016 presidential election—while insuring an acquittal in the Senate.

(3) Looking at Trump’s record so far, it’s quite clear that there are no plausible grounds for impeachment. While he’s done many things that the Left absolutely hates, he’s done nothing that’s clearly unconstitutional or illegal. Only if unmistakable proof of collusion between Trump and Putin to subvert the electoral process is uncovered could impeachment possibly succeed. Months and months of investigation have failed to produce even a speck of evidence to that effect and the fact that Mueller nailed Flynn for a ho-hum process crime indicates that none is likely to be forthcoming. If Mueller had such evidence he’d have charged Flynn with a much more serious crime, so as to maximize the pressure on him.

However, as a conservative I don’t really mind if the Left wastes its time and energy on impeachment. Have at it, comrades.