Best of Soundcloud 2016

By: Thomas Hankins (@tomahnks77)

In 2016 Soundcloud is THE gateway for the majority of musicians breaking into the music industry. You can’t even go 5 minutes without somebody trying to DM you their soundcloud link or sharing a Lil Yachty song. This is my top 10 soundcloud songs for 2016 I’ve picked from of a streaming service littered with some of the best and worst music you’ve ever heard.

#10 Smino - Lemon Pon Goose (ft. Jean Deaux)

Smino caught my attention in 2015 with his track “RAW” but in 2016 he’s becoming more and more of a force. From St. Louis, MO Smino blends his fast paced singing & rapping with island vibes and jamaican slang for Lemon Pon Goose. An overall great song to get ya island vibe on!

#9 Khalid - Location

Khalid is a discovery I made when putting a “vibes” playlist together. And let’s be honest, he perfectly embodies the word. Khalid brings a soulful spin to the youth with “Location” that makes you want to just sit back and vibe out.

#8 24 Hours - Stylist (Prod. Apex)

As most are now aware 24 Hours is not a new artist, quite contrary he has been around for a minute. 24 Hours, formerly Royce Rizzy (Private Club Records Founder & Madeintyo’s older brother), has reinvented himself in an exciting new way. With no notice Royce seemed to have fallen off the face of the earth and in return we received 24 Hours, a high pitched/auto tuned trap singer who has made songs with the likes of Ty Dolla $ign, Yo Gotti & Gucci Mane to name a few. I was first put on to 24 (not realizing it was Royce Rizzy) via Pigeons & Planes, specifically this song here named “Stylist”. With such a fast trajectory in 2016 under his new alias i’m excited to see where 24 will go from here.

#7 KYLE - Doubt It

Kyle first came to me because of a G-Eazy feature he had gotten *sigh* and a Complex share and well you know how it goes. Anyways, KYLE had a very catchy voice and still to this day I’m not sure if I love it or am so annoyed by it that I can’t stop listening. Either way this is a good song.

#6 K. Forest - Guidance (ft. Baba Femi)

You may have heard this song on the previously mentioned “Birds in The Trap Sing Mcknight” as a Travis Scott cut song featuring the young K. Forest, but this song was in fact Forest’s song before a Travis Scott album cut. I was originally put on to K. Forest through artist Ye Ali. Immediately i found Guidance and fell in love. With great dancehall influence Guidance compels you to get up and start having a good time. I’m not one to dance but if I was, this would be my go to song in 2016.

#5 Theophilus London - Revenge (ft. Ariel Pink)

THE MASTER OF VIBES IS BACK. After a long hiatus from music since 2014’s “Vibes”, Theophilus is back with “a moody, ‘80s-tinged jam guest starring fellow rebel Ariel Pink” as illsocietymag puts it. All I can say is that I cannot wait to play this in the middle of July with the windows rolled down in whoevers car is willing to pick my sorry ass up.

#4 Yung Skii - Wrist On Cold

One of my favorite underground rappers & songs of 2016. Yung Skii shares a very melodic trap influenced song with “Wrist On Cold”. With snippets of music shared on his social media Yung Skii seems as though he has the ability to transition between melodic trapping and lyrically rapping with ease. I’ll be excited to see what he has to offer in the near future.

#3 Nav - Up (Prod. Metro Boomin x BeatsByNav)

With placements on Travis Scotts “Birds In The Trap Mcknight”, Nav is the pride of my soundcloud discovery’s. Initially i first heard Nav’s music in 2015 with “Myself” and i knew he was special. Assisted by production from Metro Boomin “Up” is an absolute hit.

#2 Playboi Carti & Unotheactivist - WHAT

banger of the year. not much more to be said. carti and uno you did it.

#1 6Lack - Ex Calling

6Lack brings the vibes with a remix to Future’s “Percy’s Calling”. Although I love Future I have to say 6Lack did this beat more justice than Future by a long shot. With a vibe similar to that of The Weeknd 6Lack is a part of the collective LRVN with fellow artist Raury. From Atlanta, GA 6Lack is anything but the trap culture Atlanta is so well know for in 2016. I feel as though 6Lack has opportunity to become a real superstar if he continues to make music as good as “Ex Calling” is.

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