Farewell BuzzFeed, Hello London 👋

BuzzFeed’s highly expressive Product Design team and my farewell gift to them: Tomoji Slack Reactions

Dear Internet pals,

2018 is shaping up to be quite the year of personal change so I figured it was time I gave you an update. Here’s a rundown of my todo list circa January 1st:

Jan: *Lots of deep breathing*
Feb: Get married!
Mar: Leave BuzzFeed!
Apr: Leave NYC!
May: Travel the world!
Jun: Travel the world!
Jul: Arrive in London!

Wow, yes, that’s a lot of changes written out there. After eight great years in NYC it’s time for me to return to Europe, and more specifically, London.

What’s Next?

Ah yes, the job question. Tbh, I don’t know. Leaving BuzzFeed on Friday was bittersweet, they’re a fantastic bunch (who are also hiring right now). The problems I enjoy tackling most are perhaps best described as human systems — whether that’s in the form of building motivated, happy, diverse teams or taking a system-design oriented approach to solving complicated real-world problems. While the majority of the last 2.5 years focused on leading BuzzFeed’s consumer-facing Product Design team, I’m open to changing things up within the in-house startup/tech space. Take a look over here for a more detailed professional history.

I’ll soon be looking to chat with anyone who might be hiring in London, or who has a remote-centric company who’s intrigued by the description above. If this sounds like you, please drop me a note!


I may be slow to reply but bear with me—as soon as I’m able to get serious about timing I’ll be in touch. Also, if you know someone who maybe interested in chatting, I’d be very grateful if you could pass this post along to them too.

Thank you Internet! You are the best!