Join me for BuzzFeed office hours

I started out in design by teaching myself. I had a hulking beast of a desktop PC with Fireworks and an inspiring group of musician friends to design and build things for. The most important detail though was the generous support and guidance I received from experienced designers and developers, many of whom I barely knew. As an MFA student I called in favors that I wasn’t owed to get projects off the ground, some of which opened up incredible opportunities, like starting a company and moving to Hawaii. I’ve been incredibly fortunate to have experts there when I’ve needed help and now that I’m somewhat established in my career I try my best to help others who could use a similar perspective.

Today marks the start of hack week at BuzzFeed, an opportunity to pause regularly scheduled work to focus on projects that encourage personal growth or contribution to others. With this in mind, I’m opening up my calendar for office hours and would love to speak with YOU. I have three 45 minute slots each day this week starting tomorrow, 12 slots in total. Each will happen over Google Hangouts.

Recently I’ve spoken with students looking for career advice at SVA, independent creators looking for product feedback at Orbital Product Sessions, design founders looking for ongoing critique at 30 Weeks and entrepreneurs seeking advice on making their first design hire. Perhaps you are interested in a similar conversation? Or maybe you’re just curious to learn more about design or tech or BuzzFeed in general? Whatever the topic, if you think I could add value, I’m happy to chat about it.

I created a handy form to get a bit more context on the conversation you’re looking for. Interested? Please fill it out and I’ll be in touch soon!

Sign up here

Stretch goal: If you’re a high school/college teacher of a design or tech related program and would like me to chat to your class, I’m totally down to do this over Hangouts (or IRL if you’re in NYC).

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