Write down what’s happening so you won’t forget or doubt it later.
How not to lose your shit when everything’s on fire: a guide to self-care during the Trump…
Susannah Morgan Jones

As I read, I have come across this advice now three times. It is chilling indeed, for it reflects the simple reality that we humans are all susceptible to the influences of our basic instincts.

One of these is that repetition works. Say it over, and over, and over and it becomes increasingly “true”. Liberal, conservative, progressive, whatever: if we’re human this force is built in.

It takes will, and persistent will to resist. (As per Daniel Kahneman’s Thinking, Fast and Slow, this requires use of our second system of though: it requires effort, energy, and the recognition of the need. Not easy or natural.) While the book does not reference narcissism, it seems clear to me that narcissism works because we so strongly want to believe. We self-abuse in a misguided attempt to please the narcissist.

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