If only more scientists thought this way …
Ikechi Michael

Do you know any scientists that don’t think this way?

Being a scientist means that you are not beholden to your hypotheses, and come to believe they are true only after not only you confirm them using well-documented process, but also that others replicate them, often repeatedly. I have, for a long time believed some things to be true. Mostly trivial things, a lot of times things that related to my work in computer science. The other day, as I was listening to a speaker explain something that I thought I understood, I came to realize that my understanding was flawed. And so I corrected it. This is an aspect of science. It was a great joy to me to be more fully aware of what was true. That I had misunderstood a pretty core concept of my professional career for some time is not shameful or wrong, it’s just humbling and helps me see the other ways I have failed to grasp the world. I have always relied upon what I can measure, and then what I can reason about — does it make sense, and do the data support it?

In a world where truth is being undermined, it’s important that we all think like scientists. Or start just by thinking.

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