“I find The New York times to be credible…”?
Ranjeet Tate

I think I properly qualified my statement about the NYT.

It is a single source. No article should be taken as Truth, in any context, ever. I read, and I read more, and I read different. Of all sources of pure news, NYT tends to be less bad than nearly all others. To be sure, they have had periods of pure mission-driven reporting, and now might be considered such a time. Indeed, because I read the NYT and several other papers daily, I am able to calibrate what I read, not just across sources, but over time within a source.

I certainly wouldn’t read the Times to learn about India, and would be quite wary of any of their analysis. I doubt any other American new source is better on that score.

Once you’re able to realize that all sources are biased, and no single source is enough, you have the basic skills needed to read any news source. Sadly, many people just read the headlines and take what they read as gospel.

Is the New York Times credible? Broadly, over time, and understanding their biases, and reading critically, yes.