The first is that we need to take everything he accuses others of doing and extrapolate that he’s up to that himself. His criticism of others will give us a clear window into his private world.
The Upside Down World of Donald Trump
Tucker FitzGerald

If Trump has any of the various illnesses cited, or if he’s just incredibly childish, the resulting behavior is very, very simple. I have two children, and they both had a period when they were the masters of their universes. Like most of us, they got over it. I have a family member with NPD, and she never got over it.

Whatever the cause, this insight is the key. Saturday Night Live has used it. Meryl Streep has used it. Hillary Clinton’s campaign used it. All of them were effective in causing him to lose what little self-control he has, in a childish tweet or reaction.

Trump is, of course, a total failure. The fact that he was elected as president is indicative of a major issue in our country that has been brewing for decades. But the fact that he was elected president makes him no more successful than his failures in real-estate, television, steak, ties, steel, women, and all other manner of things. Total failure as a person.

As you say, if it’s not clear what will set him off, just wait a moment or two until he blames someone, or says something that seems a little bizarre — this could happen in a moment of vulnerability or a moment of grandiosity. And then look (not very deeply) to know what his greatest insecurities or fears are. Failure, to be sure, but which specific failure is on his mind?

Why do this? Why attack this man where it hurts? Why put the presidency and country at risk? It sounds as childish and mean spirited as I accuse him of being. In short, because the alternative is worse.

Perhaps above all, his behaviors are so patently obvious that he can be easily and readily manipulated by anyone who has managed to gain his trust. Without much creativity, one thinks a smart and dark-hearted person could easily convince Trump of his devotion and subservience, while actually being the puppeteer in control of the man. Arguably, many in his cabinet and advisors are exactly this: in a position of power because they hold the strings of a man they can control.

That’s a frightening thought. With Bannon as the poster boy, there are plenty more where he came from. People like Bannon having influence, or even a large degree of control, are the ones whose bizarre, fringe notions will be our undoing. In my view, it will unravel on its own, but everything we can do to expedite is helpful.

I think you hit the nail on the head with your conclusions.