How not to lose your shit when everything’s on fire: a guide to self-care during the Trump…
Susannah Morgan Jones

This is an exceptional piece, well done!

I think as we watch and understand, more people are coming to realize and agree that we have a Narcissist in Chief at the helm.

So many reactions to the man and his deeds are our natural and human response to his words and actions. Without understanding this (presumptive) root cause, the reactions merely play into his hand, or said another way, feed the troll. His speech and most intentional actions are designed to create a cloud of uncertainty that can only be satisfied by his next speeches and intentional actions. He builds his own self-fulfilling destiny and thus retains power and control.

By understanding Trump’s achilles heel, we can design constructive reactions that will reveal his inner self more quickly and clearly. In so doing we can help others more quickly understand what this man really is. He is not the devil. He is not a bad person. He is not necessarily a racist, or misogynist, or all of the other epithets. He is simply a mentally ill person whom we, in all our freedoms as Americans have managed to deliver the single thing he most craves (nearly ultimate power), and the single most dangerous thing a narcissist can have (nearly ultimate power).

God help us.