In His Own Words
Heather Havrilesky

This is wonderful. Wait, scratch that, you have one of the highest IQs of anyone ever!

I am a little torn, and that’s good. First, if this is satire, then it’s brilliant because I find myself mulling the merits of this approach vs., for example facts, or argument. Old, tired, elitist stuff. Horrible. Worst idea. Can you believe it?

If it’s not satire, then I politely respond that Trump is way better at being Trump than any of us ever will be (God willing). Where “us” means the entire population of the world except DJT. He’s also far better at doing what he’s doing than anyone. Both points made in comments like “I alone can fix it” and “Nanny, nanny, boo, boo to you!”. And facts.

So if you’re proposing that we fight fire with fire, I think we’ll lose. It’s asymmetric warfare — we’re the British Army, in neat uniforms marching forward in ordered ranks, he’s the American Rebel with musket in hand mowing us all down by not fighting fairly.

Instead, let’s recast ourselves not as the old red guard, with muskets, but the calm ones, the steady ones, the ones who predict what’s going to happen, then, observe calmly that it has happened, and suggest calmly that there may be a pattern. After a couple hundred or thousand repetitions, perhaps the message will sink in.

The underlying message is simple. Trump really cannot help himself. He’s great at being himself. Stupendous. The best. And while we certainly needed a good shake to wake up, and he did that brilliantly, the only little trick is, running the country and all is really not using his unique skills to best advantage. Also, he really needs to get that runny nose checked, and while at the doctor, perhaps a quick visit to the narcissistic personality disorder specialist — a guy like him has so much power, he really should have the best doctors. Better than anyone else’s. Amazing. Stupendous.


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