If you want to be rich, set a specific number
What Rich People Do That Poor People Don’t
Cole Schafer

Wow, I really think you’re missing a key point here. People don’t get rich by setting a monetary goal. The get rich by doing the other things, but above all by mastering what they love doing and doggedly pursuing mastery. Sure, they set goals, but not some amount.

I have been in startup companies nearly all of my career of 30 years. Some have been successful, and others haven’t. I have observed in the companies I have worked in, and observed as competitors that the successes are characterized not by greater desire for monetary wins, but by having and executing an idea better, and faster (and not at all because of some great idea). By focusing on making something interesting, the winners win and get rich. By focusing on payday, they join the rest of the deadpool.

Likewise, money alone is not sufficient. Wanting something deeper and more personal brings wealth, which is why the oft-told trope about lottery winners holds so much sway. Indeed, wealth is often not a measure of dollars. In those startups, I made a lot of money a couple times. My wife and I decided that we would use the money for a bunch of things that were valuable to us. Mostly family, and good causes. I have shitty 11-year old Prius, a small house, a job I love that I can afford to get paid less than market wages for, and very few trappings of wealth.

Success makes you rich; desire for money makes you Midas.

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