10/1/17 Today

Last night I had a party that was fun but time consuming, I didn’t have the chance to write the blog so sincere apologies. I woke up today around 9:30 and heard news that one of my best friends grandfather had passed away, it was a unexpected loss in their family and my thoughts are with them. So that wasn’t the most uplifting way to wake up, I then had breakfast which was cheese and BACON on toast. I emphasise the bacon because today marks the day that I went a full week of being a semi vegetarian. The past week has been up and down, the hardest thing about not eating red meat or chicken was that when I was socialising people would eat meat pies or just lunch type foods that consisted of meat where I couldn’t even have a bite.

One positive of the week though is that I tried a bunch of different foods that deviated from meat. (it also meant that I cooked a lot more.)

So after breakfast, I went to the movies with my younger sister and mum. We went and saw the peanut movie, which was a lighthearted movie about everyones favourite Charlie Brown and Snoopy. I enjoyed the animation of the movie and would have to rate it a B. After that I went and got a cappuccino which was a good kickstart then ate lunch and have been listening to a podcast ever since.

I have been really trying to listen more to podcasts and trying to read some more informative things on the internet instead of being bombarded with mindless junk that seems to fill in half an hour but reaps no real benefit whatsoever. All in all it has been good, but I seem to get caught up in crap that my day gets wasted and I don’t get anything that I really want done.

These holidays have been nice, but I still feel so sluggish and tired. I mean I’ve been working a little bit, but I just feel really restless and unproductive. It’s been looming over me for a while now and I really just want this cloud to disappear, I mean it’s actually starting to effect my relationship with other people, it seeps out of me and creates unnecessary conflict. Last night for example I came home and basically tore apart a family member because I was in a bad mood, which resulted in an argument and me feeling terrible that night and the majority of the day.

Oh well. These are my issues and it’s always nice to vent them every now and again, the rest of my day entails reading, then work at 4:00 which will just make me exhausted. Oh the joy

“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”
 — George Bernard Shaw

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