28/11/15 Eliza’s Birthday.

This post is a dedication to my younger sister Eliza, It was her birthday today and in every sense I truly hope she had an enjoyable day. Right, where do I begin. My sister is 5 years younger than me, and she has turned 13 today, she’s been in my memory for as long as I can remember. Eliza’s and I get along well enough, like we don’t hate each other but at the same time we aren’t one of those super close siblings that basically do everything together. Me and her are in that sweet spot where we don’t rely on each other but at the same time we would miss one another if we were separated for longer than a week.

A bit on her personality, Eliza is one of the most strong willed individuals I have ever met, which is so frustrating for me because I love to push people outside their comfort zones. She will not budge, for example when she was younger she had a sip of coke from a glass and didn’t like it at all, now if someone could convince her to try it again I would personally award them monetary compensation. I have tried time and time again to make her have a small sip of Coke, I have bugged her and hassled her, sometimes it even lead to an argument but no matter what I do, she refuses to have a taste of coke. I know it seems pretty trivial, I mean if she doesn’t want to have a taste why keep hassling her? I guess it’s just one of those silly brother/sister things to do, to just keep going at it until someone gives. The only sad thing is, it’s always me.

Eliza is tough, I mean she has been in and out of bullying through her time at primary school. If that was me, I don’t know if I could hack it, sometimes it keeps me up at night. The injustice of a person, a person that means so much to me, to have to go through the torment and insensitive remarks that people makes, it kills me. It truly does, why can’t everyone get along? If not get along, just not put down. Just because someones has a different lifestyle, opinion, culture it never warrants the right to degrade them or make them feel outcasted. Every person has a fundamental beauty in them, this can be manifested in millions of different ways, it’s people’s narrow mindedness and unwilling ability to accept, that causes so many problems in this world. So yeah, my sister is a F****** Bad A** who carries this sorta crap on her shoulder everyday and still keeps that smile, she’s a bloody ripper.

So a massive shoutout to my sister, she’s made it to the teens and hopefully when she turns 130 she will still be kicking it as only she could.

“The best thing about having a sister was that I always had a friend.”— Cali Rae Turner

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