4/1/16 The Beauty of Medium

Medium is really an amazing platform, both for people who like to write as well as people who are seeking to improve their lives.

As someone who aspires to be a good writer, medium was the perfect platform for me to pursue to write. I’ve always thought about starting a journal of sorts, just of daily events to hone in on my writing prowess or to stimulate idea’s, but I never could go further than a couple of pages and that was usually only in one sitting. This was due to the fact that I have the slightest case of OCD, and when I would look back on previous pages I would pick it apart way to critically and end up ripping out the page. So when I came on to Medium and read people’s stories and how this site can be used for basically any type of writing/story telling, I was stoked. I said to myself that “I would write everyday on this site from this day forward”, now it hasn’t been the most perfect maxim, I have had day breaks etc. but it’s that incentive that I’ve said I’m going to do it and made it public, that keeps me coming back to write.

As someone who constantly wants to grow and evolve in every aspect of life, this site is also amazing as it has just such a diverse range of people with different views and personalities that come through in their writing. The way I see it, they’re five types of writers on Medium.

The Top 10’s: 
The people who post their top 10 ways to improve your lives. They usually have diverse and sometimes wacky idea’s that are all about trying to maximise yourself in 10 easy steps.

The Story Tellers: 
These people give accounts of the lives they live and usually their adventures, giving insight to their personality and how the look at life. Most of the time told in exciting ways.

The “Why you need…”: 
These writers tell you what you are missing in your life and what you need to seek to fill that apparent void in yourself. They also bring attention to something that you usually would never think about, which you apparently can’t live without.

The Designers: 
These people create post after post about innovative ways to change you’re perspective on design and give huge lists of resources that deep down you know that you probably won’t read all of them, but hey, their always handy.

Everyone else: 
And then there’s everyone else on Medium, the lurkers, the aspiring writers, the people who can’t get a break, the passionate, the heartbroken, the loving, the lost, the searching, the arrogant, the satirical, the ironic, the douchebag and the philosophical.

“Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery.
None but ourselves can free our minds.” 
Bob Marley

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