The Whirlwind of Finding a Summer Internship

One of the biggest worries you have when joining any team or company is whether or not the culture will be a “fit”. As I was going about my intern search early in the 2015–16 academic year, I found myself worrying about it a bit more.

Going into the search, I was fully committed to finding a banking job. It’s what I had decided when I was 15 to do and I had to give it a go. With the help of my aunt, career services, and friends — I landed a few interviews. As I started interviewing, the more and more I felt like I was out of place. Generally, I would go with the “fake it to you make it” mantra to sell myself (and the companies) that I was going the right route.

Yeah, that didn’t work.

Impostor syndrome is something you hear of every now and then about how you’re in a position and you feel like you have no business being there. Well, I had that feeling simply while interviewing at these places and that wasn’t a feeling I was keen on having for an extended period of time.

Thankfully, over the years, I had been introduced to digital marketing in bits and pieces — and that was something that was really interesting to me. With the first semester of my junior year of college coming to a close, I changed my intern approach drastically.

Bye banking, hello marketing.

Most of my experience lies within the startup community in and around Boston. It’s funny to look back at how I shifted my search from looking at huge banks to small startups, but at the time, and even now, I know that was the best thing for me.

Around February, my organization Start@Shea and Boston College had a Startup & Entrepreneurship Fair. I was part of the team that was helping coordinate the event, whether it was bringing in the companies or marketing the event, we did it. One of the things we did was make a wish list of companies we wanted to attend that our connections might know folks at (thank you, Jere Doyle). Lovepop was one of them.

The night before the event rolls along and a member from the Lovepop team reaches out to me seeing if they could still grab a table. And oh, by the way, they were looking for a marketing intern.


The event went extremely well the next day (just in case you were wondering) and I chatted with Veronica, the Lovepop Happiness/Retention/Marketing superstar, and immediately hit it off. The excitement that she had for the company was amazing — her excitement made it hard for me not to get excited — and that was just our initial conversation!

Over the next few months, Veronica and I kept in contact. Most startups don’t know what they’re hiring for next month, let alone 6 months in advance — so she and I kept the dialogue going.

I interviewed at other places, sure, but Lovepop genuinely excited me. There’s something special about creating an unforgettable experience with a card. In a time when almost everything is digital, this was a breath of fresh air.

Finally, it’s April — and what could quite possibly be my 3rd or 4th phone call with Veronica, she offered me the job.

I accepted a day or 2 later.

Here I am, 3 months into this summer internship still loving it. The folks from day 1 have been warm and welcoming. The amount of different things I learned over this summer was unexpected — and it wasn’t just limited to digital marketing and acquisition. But that’s a part of a startup, it’s all hands on deck.

So to sum up this whirlwind of a journey — I suggest to those who are looking for a summer internship, don’t fight yourself. I knew deep-down the entire time I was interviewing for banking jobs that it didn’t seem like the perfect fit. When I started shifting my focus to marketing positions, I was able to be more of myself and a hell of a lot more comfortable.

Looking for an internship can be stressful, but put the effort in and good things will happen.

The last week at Lovepop
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