Brilliant Startups Paving the Future’s Path (in Berlin)

The consumer web is no longer the wild frontier it was ten years ago. If a company is not building the next flying car, or unless said company gets a large VC investment, its products might not stand out from the clatter. Barring a massive user base — and sometimes even that kind of traction doesn’t make for a sexy headline — a lot of unsung hero’s out there go unnoticed.

Some good reasons for that could be the ecosystem is bloated with a lot of filler companies, models that accommodate corner markets or repackage & up sell existing solutions to less savvy consumer groups. The ones to look out for, the teams who are carrying tech

MakerBot Replicator 2

forward to tricoders and zero emission escalators, are creating services that sit on top of the new infrastructure and build a bridge toward the next node of innovation.

They are great because they are laying the stones of the future. For them there is no big golden product to brag about, and their elevator pitch will sound abstract to all but a small group of engineers and finance SMEs. However, they are the ones looking for the missing pieces of the future. They create new tech to build the bridges that must be crossed soon, and give us access to the smart homes, replicators, driverless delivery vehicles, and unmanned factory lines that are on their way. Make no mistake, when we replace email with something else, it will be the net-result of thousands of small changes in culture and technology from companies like those I’m describing.

One of such companies in Berlin is azeti Networks, who offer cloud based operation monitoring and continuity for businesses. Though they have been around long enough to fit into a class of well established companies, their solutions, and startup like product development makes them a respectable member of Berlin’s Startup Community.

In a recent post I referred to the 1st wave of startups. And the 2nd wave. The internet of things is, on the far right of the 2nd wave. Internet enablement of inanimate objects around us is the exciting step of the future. I’m talking about connecting toys, scales, door knobs, refrigerators, circuit breakers, you name it, to the internet, and then getting some benefit by tracking them, controlling them, allowing them to ping us, and other use cases. Azeti has done that on a business level allowing businesses to monitor and track resources to reach optimal efficiency.

From a list of 194 companies in Berlin so far profiled. They are one of a bakers dozen that fit the profile we’re looking for on NextProd, a blog dedicated to finding the great companies in Berlin’s Startup Community.