A new beginning

A new website. It almost feels like a new notebook. Which is where every good creative process begins for me. I can’t go anywhere without a notebook. I’m a stationery geek. Whether Moleskine, Rhodia or Leuchtturm I’ve doodled, noted and sketched my way through the last few years. I feel like I’m without a limb when it’s not in my bag. You can pretty much guarantee every thing that is posted on here was either planned, pre-sketched, drafted or noted first on paper. It’s alway the beginning.

So for my first blog here’s my first bit of advice. Have something to say? Have something design? Have something you want to put into the world? Put it in a notebook first. Go on, go get yourself a nice one. It might set you back a few pounds but once you have a shelf full of them containing years worth of memories, you won’t regret it.