The beginning

It was the began with the end. The end of total regard for conventional thinking. It was the end of caring what happened and what the repercussions might follow. No editor. No chain of command to run things up the flag pole. No regard for self or image. It was the beginning of a new life. A life that would turn out to be well lived (someone else said that once). With total abandon for the conventional wisdom I started to create… me. The me that would begin online. It started with a thought, what would I do if I could do what I wanted. I want to be rich or retired. Well, that is not working out so well for me. So lets create an online presents that can go anywhere and do anything. So there started the Linkedin profile for Tom Huckleberry. “I’ll be your Huckleberry.” (bang).

So with a cheesy profile crated and some job boards applied at, I needed a place for my thoughts. A blog. Google plus (or is it Google+) was not for me, yet. Too much. Linkedin didn’t readily give me a place for long posts and thought threads. Medium. Simple. Eloquent. And it has nice typeset.

So there it is, the beginning. Possibly the end. We will see where this leads.

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